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Our Prospectus

empowering every student 

Our creative director is an arts educator with over 13 years of teaching and educational leadership experience. Lauren Noble's qualifications as a performer, production designer, theatre director and devising specialist have always influenced her to create her own resources for her students instead of relying on those provided by exam boards.


Lauren founded Collab Classroom as a way to harness the power of an experiential education which consciously builds skill, knowledge and industry insight. She has developed a prospectus to meet every student at their level and work with them to achieve their creative potential no matter their age or level of proficiency. Our programs range from individual and group sessions for children or adults to practical workshops and educational consultancies within schools and universities.

Advancing the arts begins with accessible educational opportunities for everyone. Collaborating with Lauren Noble and Collab Classroom will ensure that you join us on a journey to redefine what the arts and arts education can be...

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Academic Tutoring

individual and group sessions

Our academic tutoring sessions are offered to secondary and university students as single booster lessons just before their exams or as multiple scaffolded lessons which follow their academic coursework. This approach allows us to collaborate with each student to ensure our provision supports their budget, timeline and target. Collab Classroom currently offers individual and group sessions for the following:

  • English Language and Literature

  • Drama and Theatre Studies

  • Film and Media Studies

  • Creative writing

  • Thesis or extended essay writing

  • University applications coaching


skills development sessions

Our upskilling workshops are crafted in direct collaboration with our students and our schools. This approach allows us to respond directly to the needs of each individual and group we are collaborating with at specific points within the academic year or performing arts season.  Collab Classroom currently offers workshops on the following:

  • Acting methodology

  • Arts journalism

  • Production management

  • Devising and directing theatre

  • Creative scriptwriting

  • Prop and set design

  • Costume, hair and make-up design

  • Full theatre takeovers (Week Without Walls)

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Classroom RECOLOUR.png
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Consultancy Services

teaching and learning sessions

Our consultancy services collaborate with the existent infrastructure of our schools and universities to tangibly embed our holistic teaching and learning model. This involves equipping staff with the tools they need to harness potential across the creative spectrum whilst also being mindful of their own mental health when doing so. Collab Classroom currently offers services for schools and universities for the following:

  • Developing drama department provision

  • Professional development and training

  • Consolidating multidisciplinary arts departments

  • Embedding theatre-in-education techniques

  • Trinity College of London teaching diplomas

  • Integrating creative arts into the curriculum

  • Resourcing a performing arts department

  • Production managing arts festivals on-site

Peripatetic Programs

site-specific sessions

Our peripatetic programs are geared towards schools and universities who wish to embed courses of study which upskill and offer professional and practical experience across the arts. We also support on Collab Classroom currently offers peripatetic programs in the following:

  • Foundational, intermediate and advanced performing arts exams

  • Directorial and production management for school shows

  • Devising and scriptwriting original productions

  • Trinity College of London teaching diplomas

  • Musical theatre, drama and dance programs

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