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Collab Collective

our outreach platform

Collab Collective is our outreach platform which seeks to provide an infrastructure which brings together artists and arts educators, both locally and internationally. Our aim is to consciously curate an evolutionary space which kickstarts unique collaborations between participants, encouraging diverse initiatives which advance the arts in more than one creative community.

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international writing residency

"Did I know back then the impact it would have on my life? Not at all. It has taken me years of retrospection to acknowledge that JOMBA! is partly responsible for my work with Collab Company right here in Dubai.


You see, I'm seeking to ignite the same spark that JOMBA! fanned into a flame in me back then. To have been raised in an artistic community like the one that produces JOMBA! every year. To still make full use of the skills I was gifted as a student in my work as a director, a scriptwriter, a journalist, an educator. To look through a programme of works and realise with a surge of fierce Durban pride that JOMBA! is a festival that sets the bar for everything I experience now, and is exactly why my standards are so damn high. To be able to revisit this passionate, inclusive, educational, inspirational community every year... bringing others along with me into its warm, warm embrace.


Wouldn't you be seeking that, too?" ~ Lauren Noble, 25th anniversary

production management collab

"Lauren’s enthusiasm, positive energy and attentiveness to the project’s needs were instrumental to the success of the event whilst equally fulfilling the mission of inclusion and diversity. Lauren leads the way when it comes to thinking outside the box, and no problem is ever seen as a barrier but as a fun challenge to unlock! Her ability to connect with everyone and be sensitive to their needs is her superpower and she had a positive impact on my own participation which I will never forget to this day." ~ Laura Marino, MTDXB performer

"She has a great ability to zoom out and see the big picture and is able to explain the vision of the set in language that we could all understand. And as well as looking at the big picture she was also completely obsessed with the fine details." ~ Gemma McFall, MTDXB performer

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