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Collab Collective aims to actively seek out and bring together individuals, companies and institutions who are bound by an ethos which asks us all to do better and be better, to do more and be more, not just for ourselves but for one another. At Collab Company we are all connected by our passion for the arts but also by the desire to share that passion with others. We want to consciously craft a global ensemble who are eager to redefine the performing arts by engaging in collaborative practice.

Our purpose at Collab Collective is to recognise the work happening in the arts around the world and provide an international platform for that work to be celebrated by others too. Using an invitational system that asks those already associated with Collab Collective to vouch for the inclusion of new members, we hope to establish an ensemble of like-minded practitioners who see one another as a source of creative inspiration and as an opportunity to collaborate in an act of advancing the immense potential of the arts on a global stage.

Collab Collective

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