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Collab Creations

our production platform

Collab Creations is our production platform which explores the potential of artistry harnessed from across the creative spectrum. We wholeheartedly engage the realm of possibility as we work together to create immersive events, live performances, arts festivals, collaborative competitions and educational expos. Collab Creations is advancing the arts through intentional, innovative and imaginative collaborations which consciously elevate and empower.

Creations RECOLOUR.png

the interactive experience

"Antigone Retold is something I wish I’d done. It was ambitious. Without being alienating. But it was also intellectual. Without being self-conscious. Educational. Without being boring... The theatre scene in Dubai needs more Antigone Retolds to make people sit up and take notice. Of everything theatre can be. And everything theatre can do." ~ Madhurima Ray, award-winning theatre writer and critic 

"The production went beyond entertainment – which it also delivered – but it was a way in which various arts came together, where the lines that so often divide the various arts were blurred and where the audience felt noticed and involved. The Dubai cultural scene needs more wholesome performing arts driven productions like Antigone Retold where thoughts are provoked and where the conversation continues during the drive back home." ~ Dr Lamya Tawfik, creative collaborator

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