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Collab Creations

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welcome to our production platform

Collab Creations is a platform dedicated to exploring the potential of creatives who work in collaboration, sometimes on the same continent and sometimes from opposite ends of the world! Our aim is to empower arts practitioners from all over the globe by tangibly supporting innovative and imaginative ways of working with one another instead of against one another. 


This is the space where we explore the realm of possibility in the creation of events, performances, festivals, competitions, expos and - well - whatever creative ideas begin to take shape from anywhere within our company! Our hope is that what begins as an idea in one imagination expands to include other imaginations too and, in so doing, creates an environment of inclusivity! And since we know the cogs of creativity are already turning with the desire to work with others, we want to support you to make that happen!​ After all, if there's a will, Collab Company will find a way...

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