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Collab Classroom

our education platform

Collab Classroom is a platform which continuously evolves its approach to arts education in the 21st century. Our pop-up classrooms occur within multiple environments and always meet participants at their level, encouraging an inclusive and accessible educational journey for everyone we work with. Collab Classroom believes in a fully holistic pedagogy which acknowledges the value of experiential education, cross-curricular theory and multidisciplinary skills. 


empowering every student

Our creative director wanted Collab Classroom to harness the power of an experiential education by consciously building skill, knowledge and industry insight. She developed our prospectus to meet every student at their level and work with them to achieve their creative potential no matter their age or level of proficiency. Our programs range from individual and group sessions for children or adults to practical workshops and consultancies within schools and universities in the following ways:

  • Academic tutoring in multiple creative subjects

  • Interdisciplinary skills workshops

  • Embedded examination programs

  • Production management support

  • Educational consultancies

  • Peripatetic programs

  • Arts education takeovers

Resource Shop

your digital staffroom

Our resource shop is advancing the arts by sharing our most successful classroom content with educators around the world. Our aim is to make the arts accessible to everyone with a diverse range of resources that can be easily adapted for use in various educational settings. This is part of our commitment to our arts education community who are so often charged with leading an extensive extracurricular program alongside the growing list of expectations associated with teaching in the 21st century. Collab Classroom provides quality classroom content that is grounded in theoretical knowledge, active learning and assessment opportunities. We want to gift teachers the most precious commodity they require to engage in an effective work-life balance... time!

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