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Lauren Noble

founder and creative director

Collab Company is a multidisciplinary performing arts organisation which was originally founded to be an extension of the work of our creative director. Lauren Noble has loved everything about the theatre since she was just 12 years old and played the role of Lucy Pevensie in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Much of her career since then has seen her developing her own teaching methodology inside the drama classrooms of Durban and Dubai.


The fully fledged concept for Collab Company took hold of her imagination during a school holiday as Lauren sat preparing resources for the next academic year. Lauren has always advocated for a more comprehensive use of the stage as a space which consciously harnesses artistic and educational potential. Her holistic pedagogy developed into a performing arts organisation which is unrestricted by the limitations of any individual artist or art form. Collab Company is dedicated to advancing the arts by embracing the characteristics which have defined multiple journeys across the creative spectrum. Collaborating. Disrupting. Empowering. Imagining. Questioning. Discovering. Exploring. Revisiting.  Teaching. Learning. Creating.

Collabs with Collab

our creative methodology

The triquetra at the centre of our logo is symbolic of the triple-pronged structure of our organisation. Every new idea at Collab Company begins its unique creative journey from within one of our three platforms:

  • Collab Creations, our production platform.

  • Collab Classroom, our education platform.

  • Collab Collective, our outreach platform.


Whilst each platform plays a significant role within the context of our organisation, it is the synergy that exists between them that characterises our methodology. Our synergistic approach is applied to everything we do, evolving with every new collaborative project and partner. Lessons from inside the drama classroom will find their way into our social outreach events. Creative techniques from stage design are repurposed for film design. Experiences shared by our advisors in Durban become experimental springboards for our apprentices in Dubai. Audience engagement strategies from art installations elevate the performativity of our work in musical theatre. Collab Company understands that every creative idea deserves the freedom to explore its potential as it journeys through an evolutionary creative spectrum with us.

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