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Performance Bundle

Performance Bundle

Our Performance Bundle is aimed at upskilling senior students (upper KS3, GCSE, senior phase GET and IB Diploma Program) using a cross-curricular approach which intersects with English Language and Literature, Media Studies and Visual Arts. This entire bundle is expected to be achievable for students over the course of 8 to 12 weeks when using a 2 hours per week lesson model.


Inclusive of a 30-page upskilling workbook which covers the following topics using interactive discussion starters, scaffolded theory knowledge with a range of associated activities and tasks, as well as progress checkpoints for AFL:


  • Target Tracker and Performer's Rubric: adapted using GCSE and A-level drama and theatre studies rubrics (Edexcel)
  • Back to Basics: a revision guide to support differentiated learning strategies and constant engagement with drama lingo
  • The Move to Realism: exploring Romanticism and Melodrama in comparison to Realism with an entire section on four of the Radical Thinkers
  • Open Scenes: a guided activity which encourages students to create a believable context using their performance and production skills
  • Stanislavski: an exploration of Stanislavski's contribution to theatre history
  • The System: a step-by-step explanation of the steps of Stan's methodology to ensure students have the chance to participate in activities for a more thorough understanding
  • Progress Checkpoint: an AFL knowledge-audit to help educators in assessing the student's ability to self-critique and to support further conversations around choosing performance for GCSE or A-level
  • Monologue Portfolio and Performance Task: this is the mastery task with step-by-step guidelines for students to achieve success across analytical writing, research and practical performance. This mastery task is aimed at mimicking many elements of Component 1 process portfolio for GCSE or A-level.
  • Character Sketch: a practical guide to deconstructing characters within Stanislavski's "three i's" concept
  • Fix It Targets: a final checkpoint space for students to consider the skills they've learned and how they could potentially improve them


This bundle also includes a 55-slide upskilling Powerpoint Presentation which follows the same structure as the workbook whilst also leaving space for teachers to adapt content for their cohorts as they see fit:

  • Direct links to workbook content
  • Aesthetically engaging cross-curricular approach
  • Opportunities to apply analytical and evaluative skills throughout
  • Back to Basics revision section
  • Homework and discussion tasks embedded throughout
  • Practical is rooted in theory
  • Opportunities for extension and differentiation work throughout
  • Scaffolded lessons and examplars to achieve mastery task
  • Full breakdown of The System with mini-activities and exemplars


In this bundle, you will also receive an additional A4 triple-page "Character Sketch" for those students who want to explore their characters more thoroughly. We have also included a "Scenario Starters" set of keycards with various scenarios which can be used throughout this course for additional application of Stanislavskian theory.


Approximately 96 hours of resource-building time saved.

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