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Performance Rights: The End

Performance Rights: The End

PLAY: The End (2020)

PLAYWRIGHT: Lauren Noble


CHARACTERS: Miss Seraphim and The Assistant

SCRIPT: 4 pages

RUNNING TIME: 9-12 minutes

LICENSE: Full performance rights


The presiding judge at The Golden Gates, Miss Seraphim takes her work very seriously (though
she tends to be a bit more abrasive than would be expected given her immediate environment!) She has adopted the stylings of the Hollywood golden age with vintage glamour and a Mid-Atlantic twang - it's all about the aesthetic for this angel! The play is set up as a dialogue that moves into an extended monologue allowing for pauses to indicate that the imaginary recruits are responding to Miss Seraphim's queries. Joining her on stage is The Assistant who is the behind-the-scenes worker bee of this relationship! The Assistant runs the show and is trying really, really hard to support Seraphim in attaining that elusive promotion which would support them both in the long run. The Assistant is a direct, no-nonsense and highly strung inidividual... especially when Seraphim goes  off-book. It's a relationship of mutual respect or, at least, mutual understanding. 

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