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Bloom's Taxonomy Ladder

Bloom's Taxonomy Ladder

Our Bloom's Ladder is a pastel colour display item that can be printed as A3 posters. Under each of the six levels we've decided to use on our ladder you'll find a series of buzzwords that relate to the type of questioning that is applicable to that level of knowledge acquisition for performing arts students across secondary and sixth form.  our levels are also defined for students who wish to learn how knowledge is acquired in and outside of the classroom. 


The fonts we've used have been specifically chosen to support students who are dyslexic or have other reading difficulties. We've also chosen a subtle pastel colour palette to account for students who might be susceptible to sensory-overload  (especially in vibrant theatre spaces!) Please do contact us if you might prefer an even more subtle version or - as has sometimes been requested - a monochromatic colour scheme.  

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