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Collab Company

creations, classroom and collective

​Collab Company is a performing arts organisation that is advancing the arts through intentional, innovative and imaginative collaborations. We are a Dubai-based organisation who embrace a multidisciplinary approach to a range of experimental projects, educational programs and outreach initiatives, both locally and internationally.

Every idea begins its creative journey with Collab Company from within one of our three platforms: Creations, Classroom or Collective. Whilst each platform plays a very particular role within the wider context of our organisation, it is the synergy that exists between all three platforms that characterises our unique style. These intersectional spaces provide us with the inspiration and skills we require to develop each new idea, harnessing potential from across the spectrum of art and education.

Desert Stanzas 2023
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"Lauren is like no other director I’ve ever met. I couldn’t believe how much of a voice and opinion I had during the devising process."

"I could sit and watch Lauren direct for hours."

"It's not easy: directing a large cast with equal focus on everybody and their characters, personally going around managing production and talking to people to collaborate with them, resiliently working to find alternatives and solutions, and - despite claiming that it would happen - never losing her cool."

our production platform

Collab Creations is our production platform which explores the potential of artistry harnessed from across the creative spectrum. We wholeheartedly engage the realm of possibility as we work together to create immersive events, live theatrical performances, arts festivals, collaborative competitions and educational expos. Collab Creations is advancing the arts through intentional, innovative and imaginative collaborations which consciously elevate and empower.

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"Collaboration is the core of everything she does, which results in a classroom that always inspires and sparks creativity."

"Mrs Noble is an extraordinary and unique teacher who unleashed my love for the performing arts."

"The level of effort and passion Lauren Noble puts into her work is both inspirational and infectious. I have never seen a teacher put so much effort into helping every single student."

Collab Classroom

our education platform

Collab Classroom is a platform which continuously evolves our approach to arts education in the 21st century. Our pop-up classrooms occur within multiple environments and always meet participants at their level, encouraging an inclusive and accessible educational journey for everyone we work with. Collab Classroom believes in a fully holistic pedagogy which acknowledges the value of experiential education, cross-curricular theory and multidisciplinary skills. 

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"Proud to have worked with such a visionary with big dreams but big plans to carry them through to fruition, not only to satisfy personal ambitions but also to reach a global audience starving for genuine artistry, and to welcome young people into the fold of a warm and emboldened creative community space."

"I treasure the moments we have worked together and count them as some of the most positive experiences of my life."

"Her ability to connect with everyone and be sensitive to their needs is her superpower."

our outreach platform

Collab Collective is our outreach platform which seeks to provide an infrastructure which brings together artists and arts educators, both locally and internationally. Our aim is to consciously curate an evolutionary space which kickstarts unique collaborations between participants, encouraging diverse initiatives which advance the arts in more than one creative community.

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