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the interactive experience

Antigone Retold: the interactive experience began as a simple theatrical reworking of the tale of Antigone, daughter of Oedipus and an anachronistic feminist icon who was centuries ahead of her time. Lauren Noble’s script followed the tale of Antigone as portrayed by her classical cast, speaking the words translated from Sophocles’ original play from 441 BCE. However, interspersed amongst this ancient narrative were the unheard tales of The Seven Devils of Greek Mythology. Meta-directed by the character Calliope, the muse of epic poetry who awakens her sisters from their silent slumber, the play introduces us to the 21st century versions of Athena, Hera, Medusa, Aphrodite, Megara and Pandora.


Antigone Retold: the interactive experience debuted in Dubai in November 2022 to great acclaim from performers, installation artists, collaborative partners and audience members of all ages. Lauren curated every inch of the event to ensure that, from the second the audience stepped through the doors, there was always going to be something to entice, intrigue and educate. These community-building objectives were foundational to the type of event Collab Company had organised: an immersive experience where conscious collaborations between design, film, literature, music, dance, education and theatre meant that these art forms interacted not only with our audience but with one another too. Collab Company wants each event they collaborate on to manifest a shift in culture whereby we prove without any doubt that, by working in open collaboration and not only in competition, we are better able to uplift one another to reach new heights together.

The second version of Antigone Retold debuted at the Mohamad Bin Rashid Amphitheater as part of Emirates LitFest 2023, and was an exhilarating experience for our performance team. The staging was completely different to anything we had done before and it was a directorial challenge that Lauren was eager to take on. Our next iteration will be another interactive experience for Antigone Retold somewhere else in the world. We want nothing more than to ensure this production, with all its meaning and magic, travels as far and as wide as it can... so watch this space or - even better - let us know how you can help us make that dream a reality!

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JOMBA! Khuluma
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annual writing residency

The JOMBA! Khuluma collaboration is an international writing residency which coincides with the JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience which takes place in Durban (South Africa) every year. 


In 2010 a dance writing residency was hosted under the mentorship of veteran South African dance journalist, Adrienne Sichel. This is where the original concept of writing to archive ephemeral moments in time was taught to our Dubai facilitator, Lauren Noble.

In 2015, Clare Craighead joined Sichel as co-host and has subsequently taken on the duties of hosting, administering and delivering the platform. At the height of the pandemic, JOMBA! went digital and Collab Company was provided with an opportunity to bring some of the festival to the UAE where critical discourse, journalistic practice and dance writing are in dire need of refinement. Now back to its original live performance format in 2023, our global cohort are looking for unique ways to participate in this festival experience from outside of Durban.


Khuluma runs as a series of seminars and critical discussions, that engage writers in the mechanics and ethics of reviewing. The growing international cohort also enables rich cross-cultural engagement.  Clare Craighead is joined by international collaborators including UKZN and JOMBA! alumni Dr. Sarahleigh Castelyn from the School of Arts and Creative Industries (University of East London, UK) and Lauren Noble, inaugural Khuluma Writing Residency participant and now Creative Director of a UAE-based arts organisation. We also welcome back our long-time Khuluma contributor and co-facilitator Tammy Ballantyne from The Ar(t)chive (WITS School of the Arts).


The writing residency is open to all senior scholars, university students and adults who have a vested interest in dance, choreography, creative writing and journalism in any capacity and at any level. The collaborative nature of our work means we will meet you at your ability, and craft a program which is tailored to your interests or career pathway.

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Anti-Bullying Roadshow


a unique pastoral program 

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Last year Collab Company made its way to the IPCD (hosted by Heriot-Watt Dubai) with a workshop designed to collaborate with psychologists and psychology practitioners within the wider MENA context. This was also an opportunity to engage in some qualitative research around a pastoral program that Lauren Noble, Dr Kirin Hilliar and Dr Lamya Tawfik had started developing together a few months prior. The theme of our theatre workshop was Exploring the impact of collaborative theatre in the creation of a culture of resilience. A dynamic topic, to be sure, made even more dynamic by the merging of three skilled experts who are deeply passionate about mental health, psychology, theatre, education and pastoral care.

Bullying is a pervasive concern across educational institutions, at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Educational initiatives and interventions have had mixed results – student engagement is often superficial, pastoral systems already in place are often overwhelmed or underequipped, and different age groups may not view initiatives or interventions as impactful or relevant which leads to a lack of realistic solution-focused structures being implemented. Collaborative theatre, and other performing arts-based initiatives, are increasingly utilized, as these techniques allow students to be directly and actively involved in both devising and delivering the educational content. In our interactive workshop, Lauren, Kirin and Lamya discuss the theory of collaborative theatre as an educational platform, and allow participants to take on the role of students in devising a new performance piece. Participants will also hear from students who have been involved in such theatrical pieces at their own school, and hear their reflections on its impact on them individually, as well as the school community collectively.

Our next phase in the Anti-Bullying Roadshow is the development phase, taking what we have learned since 2018 and applying it to our resource development and theatre-making practice. Very soon we will be taking bookings from schools, universities, colleges and other workplaces  who wish to make a difference in their in-house anti-bullying policies and procedures. With our team there to support your team, every step of the way, we hope to effect lasting change in the way we approach bullying and anti-bullying initiatives in any environment.

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The Addams Family
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The Addams Family - A New Musical' is a hilarious love story - a madcap exploration of anything and everything that could possible go wrong when the quintessential Addams' child, Wednesday, falls for an alarmingly normal boy. Bringing him home to their mansion, with his conservative parents in-tow, Wednesday attempts to make this version of "meet my family" into less of a nightmare and more of a fairytale... good luck with that, Wednesday!

Our Production Team, headed up by Lauren Noble of Collab Company, is meeting weekly to source and design all kinds of kooky props and our main sponsor KPS Interior Design and Fit-Out is mid-build of our stunning Addams mansion set, which will blow you away!  When the curtains open, we hope the audience will be as impressed as we are. Our principal cast is working extremely hard, under the direction of Claire Bennett, to bring The Addams Family to life... they are having to contend with learning lines, songs, accents and even a tango dance!  Hand-picked from over 80 auditionees, we have been blown away with the level of talent and commitment they have shown us. Complete with a 12 piece band of experienced musicians led by the wonderful Adam Laird, whilst safe in the knowledge you will be supporting Dubai’s first and only adult musical theatre troupe!


Tickets will be on general release soon, with an online ticket system up and running in a matter of days... but you'd better be as quick as Thing scuttling across the stage, otherwise you may just miss out on Dubai's family-fun musical theatre event of the year! ​


WHERE: Sunmarke School Theatre in Jumeirah Village Triangle

WHEN: 7:30pm on Thursday 1 June, Friday 2 June and Saturday 3 June (and a Saturday matinee at 2:30pm)

PRICE: 150dhs (less than half the price of a Dubai Opera ticket)

All together now... duh duh duh duhhhn (click, click!)


a new musical collaboration

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