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Sasha Topic

as a dionysian

Antigone Final - INSTA-SQUARE (3).png


Sasha is a dancer who started at a very young age. She was inspired to explore this industry further by being involved in plays, and has expanded her interests to also include choreography, directing, costume design and fine arts.  She has been involved in a range of productions as a dancer and actress, and has written pieces about movement and music. She is now training to become a professional dancer.



Sasha has taken the role as one of the dancers in Antigone Retold in which they explore a very abstract concept. Their characters aim to create a clearer, visual story for the audience through movement. They are known as ‘Spirare’ which is a Latin word for “to breathe or blow into”. These dancers experience a much different world as they are essentially ‘the messengers’ who get a set of tasks which they must complete… and once they do, they get to experience the real world as human until the next message which must be delivered. This role is definitely a challenge for Sasha as she has never been able to investigate something as ‘out of the ordinary’ as her character is, but she has been very motivated by this concept during the journey. Collaborating with the other two dancers, Sashin and Katherine, and the rest of the cast has been such a joy for her. They cannot wait to bring this show to life!

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