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Kyra Mascarenhas

as medusa



Kyra first fell in love with theatre with a Drama development course at the blooming age of 4 years old and for the past 13 years, the stage has been her best friend. Continuing her passion, she has starred in numerous school productions, working with co|laboratory for a 10-minute play The End for Short+Sweet Festival 2021 as well as the award-winning, post-modern play Checkmate for the Theme 8 festival in 2021, a project which brought about her interest in devising. Additionally adding to her portfolio, Kyra has been taught in different areas of theatre, acquiring training in improvisational acting and having completed Trinity College examinations in musical theatre and drama. Wanting to share her love for the stage, she assistant teaches drama classes for 4-year-olds on the weekend at the esteemed Courtyard Playhouse. Kyra is profoundly passionate about social issues, particularly gender equality. In order to combine both things, she has created a club: Girl Up On Stage, a coalition of the Girl Up campaign. She has dedicated this to empowering creatives, fighting for equality through the arts. You can follow the club at @girluponstage on Instagram!


Medusa is a figure known to be a vicious monster, with a dreaded ability to turn people to stone with just a glimpse in their direction. Kyra is eager to prove this depiction as faulty, Antigone Retold shows her for what she truly is: a fierce and courageous woman, daring to fight back against the patriarchy and all of the wrongs it has done to her. Playing this character means so much to Kyra as she gets to channel her advocation for gender equality into Medusa. Being guided by a group of strong women who play the parts of the other devils has been the best part of this process, as she has been inspired in more ways than one! 

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